Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Two of my small cap stocks on the way up today

After a really nasty day yesterday, I have two stocks on the increase today.

Drew Industries (DW) manufactures RV components, and is up almost 15% today on strong Q1 results. I bought an original position almost a year ago at $28.95, then opened up a second position at $24.78. So this holding has been dragging down my portfolio's performance. I bought that second position because the price had dropped over 14% below my original position, but I hesitated to buy a sizable amount. The reason was gas prices - I was personally unconvinced that the RV business was a good one to be in during times of $3 gas (soon to be $4???).

Atheros Communications (ATHR) is up over 7.5% on great Q1 results. My position, opened up less than a year ago, is up 55%.

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