Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Investing success (or not) for 5/16/07

Today the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500, and Q were all up! No more mixed markets like the last few days - all markets were up, and so was I. Today my TDAmeritrade accounts were up $715. I got paid yesterday, but was unable to pump any money into the market - mortgages, bills, and school uniforms for my daughter sucked me dry! I get paid again on the 31st, and a great portion of that will be invested.

Today's investing success:
Guangshen Railway (GSH) - up 5.5%. Look at this 5-day chart for GSH. That's a thing of beauty!

Blackboard Inc (BBBB) - up 4.4%. My position is up 69% in total.

Sadia (SDA) - up 3.7%

Rofin-Sinar Technologies (RSTI) - up 3.5%

China Unicom (CHU) - up 3%

Today's investing failures:
Planetout (LGBT) - down 4.9%. I now own $77 worth of this stock. F you executives at Planetout, get this stock out of the dumps! Look at this crappy 1-year chart.

My apartment building - out of my 4 tenants, one is causing trouble. We bought the building back in 2004, and this guy has paid his rent late every single month since then. We usually get his check between the 12th and the 15th of the month. However, as described here, we have not rocked the boat with the guy because we just can't be bothered with it right now. Just too busy to mess with him. If I get his check consistently by the 15th, it does no harm to our finances.

But lately he has been slipping. First he bounces a check back in February. Then he asks me to hold his April check until April 26th (long story, again described here). Since he paid me cash last month, I still have his April check. I just need to know from him when I can cash it. So I call him, leave him a message telling him to call me with information. This morning there's a note in our mailbox asking if I can hold that check until the 26th AGAIN. I asked the guy to call me to talk to me about his situation - I need to know what's going on with this guy's finances. If he talks to me, perhaps I'm willing to work with him. No call, just these sneaky notes in my mailbox.

The answer is no, I cannot wait until the 26th. I wrote him a letter and dropped it in his mailbox, stating that I need my money now, and I want to know what the hell is going on with him. I said that if I don't get my money, and I don't hear from him, I'm going to have to start eviction proceedings. I guess I didn't want to rock the boat, but I'm really rocking it now!

Stay tuned.


The CFO Dad said...

Thanks for leaving comments on my site, I appreciate the feedback.

On your posts concerning your tenants, do you ever get worried that one of them might go crazy and vandalize your own home, being that you live so close? I'll be interested to hear what happens with this delinquent payer...

Anonymous said...

god damn can you have any more ads on your site?

Q said...

CFO Dad, I guess that's a concern. I've treated the guy with respect for over two plus years. I'm offering to listen to his story - he just needs to call me and tell me what's going on.

Anonymous, I don't know how those ads got there. :)


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