Friday, May 4, 2007

7 tips for making a better Kentucky Derby bet

Gambling is the last path to financial independence, but if you're so inclined to bet on tomorrow's Kentucky Derby, at least make a good bet. Marketwatch offers lucky seven tips for making a better Kentucky Derby bet. I am not a gambler - I have been to gambling boats twice in my life and didn't really enjoy much besides the free drinks. My feet did stick to the floor alot, though.

I lose whenever I play Hold 'Em with friends. I always think my superior math skills will allow me to clean them out. It never works out that way. :-(

Mint Juleps for everyone! Have a great weekend.


Ben said...

I've found the keys to Texas Hold'em are patience and agressiveness. Be patient until you have a good hand, then be agressive in your betting. Of course, a little luck on the River card never hurt either :)

Q said...

I could also not drink so much wine while playing. I don't exactly stay sharp while playing, you know? :-)