Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Investing success (or not) for 5/15/07

Another mixed day in the market, but another very lousy day for Q. My 5 TDAmeritrade accounts were down $606. The portfolio is bleeding a bit ... ..... tis but a flesh wound! The small caps I'm invested in are all fantastic companies, but they have bigger mood swings than large caps. Again, it just feels odd to be setting new records for the Dow while my net worth is taking a hit.

Today's investing successes:
Guangshen Railway (GSH) - up 4.3%. A nice three day run here.

Sadia (SDA) - up 3.8%. My position is up 76% here

Nuance Communications (NUAN) - up 3%. I am up 103% overall here.

Today's failures:
Peerless Systems (PRLS) - down 6.4%. My small position is now up 1%

Vaalco Energy (EGY) - down 4.3%. Tiny position, so I'm not concerned.

PlanetOut (LGBT) - down 4.1%. Surprise surprise. Read my rant here.

Scottish Re Group (SCT) - down 4.1%. I'm still up 30% overall with this stock.

Same as yesterday, I had well over 10 stocks that were off 2% or more. There are days like this, even when the Dow is up. This is no time to get discouraged. In fact, I am scouring my holdings looking for chances to add to my positions. I believe I'll find some buying opportunities, and I'll share what I've done once I've done it!