Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Chinese stocks are up MAD!

Everyone knows that China is a rising world superpower, and an economic powerhouse. Never mind their massive polluting of the earth, the repression of their people, or any of that ancillary stuff. I own 5 Chinese stocks and they are flipping insane!

Guangshen Railway (GSH) -- up 13.72% today
iShares FTSE Xinhua 25 (FXI) -- up 9.27% today
China Unicom (CHU) -- up 8.07% today
China Telecom (CHA) -- up 7.24% today (CTRP) -- up 6.43% today

These held 5 of the 6 top spots today. I continue to be amazed at the heights these stocks are reaching. I haven't allocated a massive portion of our portfolio to them, but they are outpacing my other holdings. I am hesitant to plow new money into these stocks, but I am not selling either. I just get the feeling I'm holding on to something special - something like the Chinese Wal-Mart. We'll see!