Tuesday, May 1, 2007

5/1/07 spin on the blog carousel

Get Rich Slowly offers advice on how to check the status of your tax refund. As it states there, do not aim for a large refund, but rather a small refund or even a small amount owed. No interest free loans to Uncle Sam!

Well-Heeled admits that she loves spending money on food. A woman after my own heart! There are so many frugal living blogs out there, and bless you all - it can really be a path to great riches. But I need my Starbucks, my steaks, and my wine. And a friend has recently introduced me to sushi, albeit some American creations (do they really deep fry sushi rolls in Japan?)

Boston Gal talks about the troubles that flippers are having as the housing market cools. My wife's aunt and uncle own a bunch of rental real estate, but the uncle dabbled in flipping. Once. He and a friend bought a house, fixed it up, and have sat on it for over a year. Besides the fact that they must have done something wrong (fixed up the wrong house, fixed it up with the wrong materials, asking too much for it, etc etc), this cooling market isn't helping. And the house has just sat their for so long. In real estate circles, that house just stinks now.

Plus6 Personal Finance outlines common reasons for couples finance problems. As I stated in the comments section on Plus6, I believe that being on the same page financially with your significant other is just as important as all other aspects of compatibility. Of course it's never at top of mind - looks that could kill are what many are after, perhaps followed by personality. :-)

The Digerati Life offers 10 ways to organize and simplify your finances. Fantastic list.

The Simple Dollar is going to have an ultra frugal month of May. This list is hardcore. Don't take my word for it - read the list. Trent is a better man than I am if he and his family can pull this off!

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Wanda said...

Try unagi (marinated eel) sushi. So good.

I also like tempura (deep-fried veggies or shrimp) with thick noodles (udon).

Seriously, Japanese food is going to drain my wallet.