Tuesday, May 1, 2007

iGoogle pages are disappearing

I have been using my Google homepage, which is now called iGoogle (take that, Apple!), to receive feeds from all my favorite personal finance blogs. Today I actually subscribed to a whole bunch of them, rearranged them on my Google homepage, etc etc. They are all gone tonight.

Here's what I found on the Net about this problem.

I sure hope all my RSS feeds come back. By the way, should I be using something other reader? What do you guys all use?


plus6 said...

I use Google Reader exclusively and i love it. In my opinion it's the best RSS reader on the market. It makes organizing, reading, and keeping up with blogs simple. You can also export your RSS feeds you have collected and back them up on your local computer in case Google does ever mess them up.

Q said...

I've been using the Google Homepage, not the reader. Let me try the reader.

Are you experiencing any difficulties tonight?

plonkee said...

I'm using bloglines. Don't bother with it though.