Wednesday, May 9, 2007

5/9/07 spin on the blog carousel

Advanced Personal Finance says he doesn't have a large emergency fund. I'm right there with you, buddy - I lean on the Home Equity Line of Credit when an emergency occurs - and they don't occur very often. I sweep all available cash to my 5 TDAmeritrade accounts, or pay down my HELOC - excess cash drives me nuts.

The Simple Dollar has a guide to eyeglasses. I have had awful vision since I was a kid, and am scared to get laser eye surgery. I bought an $800 pair of Koh Sakai eyeglasses back in 1997 (when that was a TON of money for me ... wait, it's still a ton of money!) and they have lasted me for 10 years. I truly got what I paid for.

Get Rich Slowly says blogging is not a quick path to wealth. Some poor fellow lost his job and wanted to start a blog to earn enough quick income to keep his house. Ouch. I sincerely hope to pull in a few hundred bucks a month some day, and while I do plan on blogging for many years to come, I can't imagine it will ever be my main source of income. He did mention John Chow, who seems to be the extremely rare exception to the rule.

Speaking of John Chow, here he details his amazing rise to Interwebernet prominence, including a whopping payday for the month of April. Holy phreakin cow, this guy is good!

Binary Dollar says taking a defensive driving course can sometimes save you money on your auto insurance. You should check with your insurance agent first to make sure taking the class will lower your rates (or if you desperately need to learn how to drive, take the class anyway!)

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