Thursday, April 19, 2007


Welcome to my investing and personal finance blog! I am a 36 year old, am married to a beautiful 33 year old woman, we have a little girl that's almost 3 years old, and we have another girl on the way in mid June.

I am a CPA, and have served as Controller for several organizations in my area. I enjoy my work, but not to the point where I'm putting in 60 hour weeks (I've done that, and it's bad for my health!).

The goal of this blog is to just share my thoughts, hopefully answer any questions I can about how I conduct my personal finances, and hopefully educate. I have young cousins that ask me all the time:
"Should I invest in my 401k?"
"Where do I even begin?"
"Can you recommend some stocks?"

And so on! All great questions - I find there are so many people that need investing and personal finance advice. For some of us, this stuff seems like second nature, but to others, personal finance is a great challenge. It's hard to not ring up massive credit card debt. It's even harder to get out. It's hard to pick the right stocks. It's hard to know how to keep your investing expenses down. There are so many aspects to running a clean, solid financial house that I wanted to share what's working for me.

My next post will outline where I've come from investing-wise, what I hold now, and where I plan to be in the future. More to come!


The Sun from The East said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I will be looking forward to your professional views on personal finance.

GolbGuru said...

Welcome to the crazy world of blogging. :)

KMC said...

Welcome Chris. Looking forward to reading about your views.

Ben said...

Hello Chris, congrats on your little one on the way, very exciting! It'll be great to hear what a CPA has to say about how to reach $1 million.

Chris said...

Ben, thanks so much! We're very excited - we've been turning our house upside down to get ready. 9 more weeks to go.

Thanks for stoppin by, hope to see you again.