Sunday, April 22, 2007

How to influence people

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal noted that a Swedish crisp-bread maker, Wasa, had seen U.S. sales soar more than 50% in a few weeks time. The reason - Oprah Winfrey whipped out a box of their crackers on the air and ate some of them. Wasa didn't even pay for the placement.

My only reason for posting this was to say how irritatingly disgusting it is that Oprah has that much influence! Wouldn't you like to be that influential? With that little amount of effort?


Ben said...

I agree, I don't understand the Oprah effect myself. She has done some wonderful things but after all she's just another person like you and I.

Chris said...

I'm sure it's just bitter jealousy on my part, hahaaaa.

She sure has a devoted audience. My favorite article from The Onion (greatest newspaper ever) is: "Millions of Oprah Viewers Patiently Await Instructions."