Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trade Triggers firing

My TDAmeritrade Trade Triggers are firing like mad today. I have never used their Trade Trigger service to actually have a trade execute automatically - I just have it send me an email. Here are the stocks, and the levels I deemed important at the time I set up the triggers.

MRH, dropped below $17.49
LOOP, below $16.01
IIVI, below $30.00
OXPS, below $23.99
LOOP, below $15.29 (I have two triggers, and they both fired, as the stock is down 4% today)
NFLX, below $21.37

I do not think I am going to buy MRH, nor NFLX. I have been tempted to open a position in NFLX, but think they are being put at a competitive disadvantage by Blockbuster Total Access. As I posted earlier, I added to my IIVI position today. I am considering opening positions in LOOP and OXPS, but have not done so yet.

UPDATE: literally 5 seconds after hitting the "publish button," another trigger fired.

BEBE, dropped below $17.45

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