Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday night trip on the blog carousel

Golbguru at Money, Matter, and More Musings has a great list of “Stuff That’s Painful When Piled,” and boy does it ring true.

The Sun at The Sun’s Financial Diary asks if we should simplify our finances. As we age, we seem to accumulate bank accounts, brokerage accounts, credit card accounts, etc. I always start feeling sorry for the person who has to clean all this up when I die!

Advanced Personal Finance lists “6 Dumb 401(k) moves,” and there are some on here that I wish were more highly publicized. As a CPA and Controller, I have been the 401(k) administrator at several companies over the years. I cannot tell you how many times people have cashed out when changing jobs, how many loans were taken against 401(k) funds, and how many times people just left their money in the money market option because they didn’t know any better. My ability to offer advice was a bit limited – just sad stuff.

My Money Blog talks of Spring Cleaning, which is basically getting rid of stuff you haven't used in a long time but you know the minute you get rid of it, you'll really need it. Painful stuff!


GolbGuru said...

Thanks for the mention. Appreciate your interest.

Money, Matter, and More Musings

Chris said...

You are welcome, thanks for coming by.