Friday, April 20, 2007

Net worth to date

Here's a personal balance sheet on my wife and I:

Equity investments: $98,863
Home value: $221,000
4-family apartment building: $312,261
Lakehouse: $143,080
Personal property (cars, furnishings, jewelry): $71,100

TOTAL ASSETS: $846,304

Home mortgage: $118,184
Apartment mortgage: $223,587
Lakehouse mortgage: $106,141
Home Equity Line of Credit: $45,300


NET WORTH: $353,092

As I'm chasing $1 million dollars, I am not looking at this net worth number. I calculate this number as part of my personal balance sheet, but the number I seriously track excludes our principal residence and our personal property.

Excluding that stuff leaves my wife and I at $198,972. That is comprised of:

Equity investments & cash at Ameritrade: $98,863
Apartment building equity: $87,425
Lakehouse equity: $12,683

More details to come.

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