Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Investing success (or not) for 6/27/07

The Dow was up 90 points today, and my portfolio blew the doors off with a gain of $1,200.

I love when a gain in the Dow corresponds to a much larger-than-expected gain in my portfolio. It normally does not happen this way. I usually see a commensurable gain in my portfolio when compared to the rise in the Dow, but an oversized drop in my portfolio when compared with a modest drop in the Dow. I don't know why that is - it could have something to do with the small cap stocks I own, which introduce a higher volatility to my portfolio. I could also just be imagining this phenomenon.

Investing successes today:
First off, I had some big gainers today, and I'll highlight them below. But today was unusual in the sheer number of stocks that were up. I had 45 advancers today, next to 10 decliners. That makes for a good portfolio day! I had 18 stocks that were up at least 2% today. Some details:

Inventiv Health (VTIV) - up 7.1%.

Nuance Communications (NUAN) - up 5.7%

Dawson Geophysical (DWSN) - up 4.4%

OYO Geospace (OYOG) - up 4.2%

Volcom (VLCM) - up 4%

Investing failures today:
Peerless Systems (PRLS) - down 5.4%. Big whoop, I own $300 bucks of this - it's the runt of the litter.

A few other decliners, nothing of great significance. It was a great day!

Also, I will soon bring news of a financial transaction that I recently consummated - something I said I would never do! Stay tuned.


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