Tuesday, June 5, 2007

6/5/07 spin on the blog carousel

I haven't shared links to my favorite articles in a while. Here goes:

The Frugal Law Student has compiled a massive, extremely impressive personal finance resource list. I haven't even clicked on 10% of the links yet. Lots here.

Advanced Personal Finance says term insurance is the only kind of insurance you need. I agree - don't overpay for whole life, etc etc. You need to leave money to someone in case you die - do it as cheaply as possible. This guy has two of my favorite articles of all time (because they speak directly to my sensibilities): Only buy term insurance, and Wal-Mart sucks. Cheers!

Get Rich Slowly asked "Is it better to invest or to prepay a mortgage?" I have posted about that here, and you know my answer is INVEST! But there are two sides to every story, and there is a wide-ranging discussion in the comments section there, with 96 comments as of this writing. I posted a few comments.

Money Smart Life has an introduction to exchange-traded funds (ETF's). I own SPY, DVY, RSP, FXI, and VTI. I consider these the anchors of my portfolio. Then I venture out with my other money into the individual small cap stock world.

The Money Mythos offers a way for small-time investors to get a piece of those high-flying hedge funds. Everyone has witnessed the 30% plus annual returns these funds generate for their wealthy investors, so now there's a way for the little guy to get it. Know the risks involved, though.

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